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Tra la la!

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Nothing to report here… I’m getting my hair colored today and skipping the cut. I am going to brave it for another six weeks in hopes it gets over that awkward growing out hump. If I get it trimmed today I will never get past it and be doomed to nape-length hair for all eternity. […]


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I woke this morning and after serious debate I forced myself into work out clothes and went to the gym after dropping the kids off at school.  My workout didn’t last more than 45 minutes and I was sore by the time I got home.  I hadn’t worked out in 10 days.  When will I […]

Almost vain

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I got up this morning and made a conscious effort to blow off exercising. I am sore from the last several days and the impromptu press-to-handstand contest I had with one of my husband’s clients. She is a 51 year old yoga fanatic and I am a 38 year old ex-gymnast who are unfortunately for […]