Nothing to report here… I’m getting my hair colored today and skipping the cut. I am going to brave it for another six weeks in hopes it gets over that awkward growing out hump. If I get it trimmed today I will never get past it and be doomed to nape-length hair for all eternity.

I have test paralysis setting in. One test due by Friday in psychology followed immediately by SIX more due between the 16th and 21st. I really dislike that instructor, but that may be fairly obvious by now. I have my lab final on Thursday so I am going to bail on the psych study in favor of that. It should be a pretty reasonable test since my lab has not been rocket science. If it had been rocket science, I’d be in trouble. I also have a contribution to a paper to make. My partner has done all of hers but I’ve done jack. I will pull it out this weekend.

Hmmm… that is all.