I was asked by a prospective client to provide her a list of references from past clients I’ve had.  So I went to the drawer where I store my files and grabbed a few I know would like to chat about their care with me and their home births.  I caught the name of a client I was really fond of but skipped her file because when I last saw her she told me she moved and I told her I was going to move.  I lost touch but vowed to remember to Google them tonight and find out what they were up to by way of their blog.

The first hit on Google was the extended family’s website.  The second hit was the newspaper report of her death last December in an automobile accident.  The sadness is overwhelming.  I feel weightless thinking about it.  What a void her family must have in their lives– her parents and in-laws doted on her.  How her son must simply miss her for lack of knowing anything more complicated than she is gone.  How her husband must grieve and feel so lonely, he positively worshiped the ground she walked on.  She was such a delightful presence.  She filled a room with her personality.

I’m so sad.