I have written several essays so far in English Torture class.  I scored several As up to the point when we had to write on the religious overtones of Flannery O’Connor’s work and explicate a poem.  I earned Bs.  I don’t think the teacher, a soon-to-be published poet, appreciated my clever ability to write a whinge about how much I don’t like to critically think about what I am reading for supposed pleasure.  I turned in another essay today that required contrast and explication of Dickenson vs Yeats.  Shiver.  I tried harder on that one but I have a feeling it is not going to be worthy of an A

Today was the start of intermediate algebra class (online).  It’s only a few weeks long and there is tons of home work and tests.  The final is to be taken on campus and of course it is the same day as the due date of one of my clients.  I am going to induce her to be sure that it doesn’t conflict with my schedule.  I am going to get her going in the next several weeks on a nice cervical ripening cocktail, then weekly vaginal exams to stir things up a bit.  We should be able to get a baby out of a multip easy-peasy!  I would freak the hell out to screw up school when I am thisclose to finishing.  

I did manage to do the first assignment tonight and I am quite proud of myself for getting 100% on it.  I dazzled myself with my fantastic abilities of factoring out the pesky x that showed up in every problem.  It took an hour to 25 problems and if I didn’t have to do math online I would have been finished earlier.  By the way this class doesn’t have a book.  It’s a weird web-based classroom that discriminates against Mac students who like Firefox so I’m typing from the Windows computer we keep hoping to dump on my sister but like Michael Corleone and the Mob, there is always some reason that pulls me back in.

Before I go, you can peel yourself off the ceiling Dear Birth Activist, I was kidding about inducing labor.  You were all, “Oh my gosh, she’s already thinking like a medwife and she hasn’t even gotten to nursing school yet!  WATCH OUT WOMEN OF THE LAND OF MILK AND HONEY!”  My teacher said he is going to offer the final on several different dates beginning at least a week in advance of the course’s end so there will be plenty of time to get it done.  He will also make special arrangements otherwise but it is up to me not to slack off between now and then so I can make a good case for myself in case babies start popping out all over the place during that time.  AND YOU WILL CROSS YOUR FINGERS SO THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN.