I figure I should write something.

Last summer I was too busy to write on account of all the time spent laying on the beach and eating $1 tacos with my family.  This summer doesn’t exist.  I went to school in January and with the exception of a two week break in May, I haven’t had a break.  I will be finished with summer classes next week.  In English Literature I have an essay to write on Ibsen’s A Doll’s House (due Tuesday) and an in-class essay on Othello (Thursday).  In History of Music I have 3 quizzes and a 150 question final, all due by Thursday.

I will have about 4 weeks off to do nothing and pay attention to my kids who have been mostly fending for themselves when there are gaps between me leaving for school and husband returning from work.  I am feeling very guilty about that, but I don’t think we really have a lot of options.  I need to get a degree that can actually pay the bills.  I have been trying to please them wherever possible with lunch or dinner out as a family, shopping for sale items when I get paid, trips to the skate park, Starbucks, going to the beach, or the pool.

I have four babies getting close to birth and hopefully by scheduling all of my Fall classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays I will have a good chance of not missing much class, if at all.  I will be taking a general chemistry class (organic, inorganic, and biochemistry) with the dry but effective instructor and intermediate algebra with the instructor who had the most smiley faces but does not allow drinks or snacks in the class, according to RateMyProfessors.com.  I love that site.

In other news I am getting my hair bleached at the o’dark thirty on my only day off (whose stupid idea was that?) and my back is so tight from stress I can’t turn my head to the left.  And since I caved in for a nap this afternoon, I am not tired.

You may now pull the fork out of your eye and click to the next blog.