Last night I had a horrible dream.  Once I was in the middle of it I realized it was another recurring dream.  The one where I’m in some sort of vehicle trying to get across a bridge that is not in tip-top shape.  Other times when I’ve had this dream I’ve been alone and I always made it across just in time, before it crumbled behind me or before it started falling away underneath me.  This time I had my kids in the vehicle.  And I didn’t make it across before the bridge went out.  We started free falling into the abyss below and as we fell I watched my youngest daughter fall beyond my reach, slamming into branches, rocks, and whatever was falling with us.  I could hear my other kids behind me screaming for their lives and for me to save them but I couldn’t see them falling into the darkness.  As this was happening I was thinking to myself, “WHY ARE YOU WATCHING THIS?  WAKE UP!  JUST WAKE UP!  IT’S JUST A DREAM!”  So I shook myself awake and I felt sick for what was left of the sleeping hours.

What does this dream mean?  Is it symbolic of something going on in my life or is Sarah Palin taking on too much?