Yesterday’s post was over the new Van’s high tops my son refuses to wear.  He’d much prefer the standard Vans slip-ons with checkboard print fabric and wears those all the time.  We went to the beach for family day since the temperature was in the 80s at the beach (earthquake and fire weather) and the kids were told to wear their shoes for jetty and tide pool climbing.  We climbed out on the jetty to the edge to watch the boats go in and out of the harbor for as long as we could stand the stench of pelican poop, then made our way back.  The kids went much faster this time.  They were way ahead of us when one of my daughters comes hopping back as the other three kids made it to the sand.  She reported that “somewhere” along the way my son had tripped off one rock and landed on all fours on the next.  So?  While midair one of his shoes flipped off and fell in between the rocks.  She could see it but couldn’t reach it.  Where?  Over there… next … to… the … pointy… rock… Oh.  Lots of pointy rocks with deep, dark spaces in between them.  Do you think they would’ve had the brains to stand still long enough for us to catch up?  My son asked, “What’s the big deal, it’s only a shoe!”  Yeah, only a shoe.  Half of a $30 pair.  It’s a good thing he has a fresh pair of high tops to wear to school tomorrow!  Ah, nothing like Mother Nature, God, and Mommie Dearest to plan wardrobe revenge!