The good news is the last two biopsies removed were nothing but ugly moles, not cancer. But since they didn’t remove all of the ugliness (only enough to biopsy), I need to get the rest of them removed. Blarg.  They need to invent a way to detect cancer without cutting things off bodies and screwing up plans for non-scarred areas to stay that way.  Tomorrow I am going back to the dermatologist to have her pick through my daughter’s hair for scalp moles and her body since she is one moley girl. I hope she will not need anything cut off!  This cancer screening thing gets expensive when you can’t afford insurance on account of the son whose head needed to be rearranged as a wee toddler.

The bad news is I got the bad news of the previous cancer during my algebra test. Scored an F+ due to distraction of impending death and funeral plans preoccupation.  I am not sure my no-nonsense professor would buy that.  I thought about playing the aspiring nurse with small children who works as a midwife with the dreaded skin cancer who brings hope and joy in to the world until he revealed his ex-wife is a nurse and he really didn’t like her all that much.  I need to tell the dermatology assistants to refrain from calling me during algebra class since getting another F+ would kill me faster than the cancer might.