Where we live there is a chain of sporting goods stores called Chick’s.  Where we used to live there was a sporting good stores called Dick’s.  Recently Dick’s bought out Chick’s… let’s hear it for Chick’s with Dick’s!


Today just before I went into Petsmart and got suckered into a 20 gallon starter aquarium, I spied a Chick’s store nearby and since clearance prices were up to 75% off I headed for it with my three daughters and son.  My 10 year old son was clever and pretended not to be interested in shopping by saying, “But I’m a guy!”  I was quick to retort that it would soon be Dick’s and then entirely relevant to a young man.  He giggled because he got the joke.  My 8 year old daughter didn’t.  She asked for clarification by asking loudly, “Well?  I don’t get it.  What’s a DICK?”  And then I had to explain that it was another word for penis and I was entirely unclear on the origin.  She was now confused… “Do you mean that g-pap pap’s mother named him after a PENIS?  EW!”  I could only explain that back in the 1920s words meant different things.  Or that maybe great-great grandma had a wicked sense of humor.