I was watching Grand Torino tonight with my husband.  The movie where Clint Eastwood battles the Hmong gangstas and I had a flashback  to last week’s algebra class.  The county where I live has a heavy Asian population and after I heard this exchange I learned that even Asians can have a hard time differentiating each other…

Guy:  So where are you from?

Girl:  Me?  My family is from Japan, but totally like a long time ago.  So like, I’m Japanese.  What are you?

Guy:  Hmong.

Girl:  Mung?  What’s that?

Guy:  What?  You’re Asian and you don’t know what Hmong are?

Girl:  Like, you’re Mongolian or what?

Guy:  No!  Hmong is a people.  We’re from everywhere and made up of a lot of people.  We’re nomadic.

Girl:  Like you’re in a tribe?  Like wanderers?

Guy:  Sort of…

Girl:  So, what’s it like to hunt buffalo?

Guy:  I’m gonna turn around now…

Seriously.  That happened.