I went to the second day of the last stats class I had a chance of getting into and was rejected once again.  They chose about 30 students and 60 were hoping to get in.  It was REALLY hard not to cry on the spot, so I cried on the way to my car instead.  The thing that especially frustrates me is I know that more kids, yes KIDS, will drop the class when it gets to be a burden on their social lives and I will still be here sitting on my butt missing the ONLY class needed to get into a university.

On a nice note, I saw the mother of the second baby I caught as an intern.  In another state!  She and I were both from the same place and both moved to the same place where she gave birth and I helped her.  Then we both moved back.  We ran into each other randomly at a restaurant and that is when I found out we attend the same college and live near each other.  We hadn’t been in touch since her baby was six weeks old… he’s four now.

But I’m still upset about not getting into the class.