I realize when I wrote about there being yet another plan to get me out of the community college and into a Psychology and Social Behavior degree, bypassing nursing altogether, I neglected to mention I am enrolled in a class for that degree plan.  Technically it has no prerequisites other than the general ed required of transfer students, but you can get a leg up on the undergrad work at the community college.  The classes to take ahead are intro to psychology (check!), abnormal psychology or developmental psychology (check!), and psychobiology.  Psychobiology is an online class taught by a teacher who gets really good reviews and has not yet once given the impression he is a freak of nature.  There is still time, I realize, but he has a very clear grade point system, clear quiz and test deadlines, and clear assignments which makes it quite hard to believe he could actually screw it up!  I look forward to reviewing the brain and how it relates specifically to psychology.  Kind of.  The book is a little scary but I can do it.

As for the other class I’m taking, physical geography started tonight.  I thought I’d be learning about countries, capitols, and people.  Nope, turns out it’s elemental geography.  As in the study of weather, physical layout of the land, climate patterns and changes, and all that nonsense.  I hope I don’t have to hear too much about Al Gore.  Please.

* Remember when I wrote this gem regarding my first psychology class?  Rest assured my family is fine.  So far.