…but I haven’t given up on the blog.  I’ve just become this insane text message, Facebook, and Blackberry addict who has little time for anything else except work, family, and social networking.

When last you read my inane ramblings, I was prepped to start two psychology classes, a physical geography class, and begging my way into a decent statistics class.  Instead I dropped out of it all.  I started the psychology classes and then decided I simply didn’t feel like taking on those two classes because if I worked on the psychology and social behavior degree, I didn’t have to do them now.  Instead I focused on getting into a statistics class and after petitioning four other instructors’ classes with about 500 other students, I didn’t make it in.  So I was left with the physical geography class and feeling a profound sense of WHAT AM I DOING??

And then it happened.

I finally received admission for the Spring semester to a nursing program at the one who’d accepted me earlier this year.  They kept the rest of those who were “accepted” on pins and needles until they felt like sending out admission notices.  Totally unnecessary to keep us waiting because applications and students are accepted once a year.  They know exactly who they are sending notices to and in what order.  Anyway.  Because of this development, the geography class was useless because if I desire a bachelor’s or master’s later, chemistry is going to be the physical science I will need.  So with one day to spare before I could drop the class without a W, I bailed.  So I’m a free person until January 11th.

Tomorrow is orientation for the program.  I can’t wait to see who and what I will be blogging about for the next two years!!