I thought growing up in a Los Angeles suburb as the daughter of a city cop and with job experiences working downtown and at LAX I had some “worldly” experience (I’m not going to italicize that because I want you to do air quotes while you read it).  After spending all morning between three colleges, I can say I am about as worldly as Paris Hilton in a Hermes store.

I didn’t bring a pen and they wouldn’t allow me to so much as borrow one at the counter to complete the paperwork that had to be turned in so the appointment scheduling could be completed.  When I looked around to the students, everyone ducked down into their phones in order to avoid my asking to borrow one.  So I had to walk across campus to the bookstore and buy a pen.  While out in the quad, I heard the campus radio broadcast.  In Spanish.  That was interesting and I immediately regretted not following through with my initial gut plan of retaking Spanish 101 while I waited for nursing school to fall into place.

Once the paperwork was complete, I sat for two hours to see a walk-in counselor to review my transcripts.  While waiting I saw a crew of girls from the cosmetology department who looked nothing like the Paul Mitchell girls at the school near me.  In contrast to the Paul Mitchell all black uniform of stylish clothes, boots or platform and spiked heels, and make-up to accentuate their ever-changing hairdos, these girls were wearing blue sweat suits with pants slung low around their hips, pant legs so long they obscured the white athletic shoes underneath.  On top they had tank tops and hoodies unzipped and hanging off their shoulders with hair dryer emblems that looked a little like guns on their backs.  They didn’t appear to have gotten as  far as the actual styling of hair lessons yet, unless teasing their bangs up to heaven with spray was the first lesson.  Hair of the 80s?  A+!

There were some young men sitting next to me and a new one limped over, gangsta style, to greet them with a hearty, “What’s up motherfucka?  I’m done with class, yo.”  This in the relative quiet of a school admin building.

Once in the appointment, the inevitable happened.  I knew more about what needed to be done than the counselor who was going to do it for me.  She followed my lead, checked the appropriate boxes, signed off on the forms needed, and certified my general education complete and wished me well.

I went back to the bookstore where I purchased two books (bundled especially for my school) for $400.  They also weigh 400 pounds.  While writing down the ISBN numbers of the non-bundled books so I can shop the ‘net, I noticed the music.  Christian worship music.  Loud.  That was interesting.

If you haven’t seen this show, check it out.  It’s basically my life on campus:  Community

I’m in for an education in so many ways!