Finally finding yourself in the program that will help get you to your final goal only to have to share the experience with a person so hateful it sucks any pleasure you might have in it.

I’ve dealt with abrasive people in my life, but who hasn’t?  What I’ve never dealt with is a person who goes out of his or her way to be abrasive.  As in every move is the result of masterful calculation of passive-aggression.  Audible sighs.  Eye rolls.  Arm flapping.  Stomping.  All from a 40-something student who will be entrusted with the health care of your loved ones in just 1.5 short years.

I’m at a loss for why I’m the recipient of this person’s animosity.  It doesn’t really matter though because I’m in this class and won’t be quitting no matter how much a dick this person chooses to be toward me.  What I get is experience on how to deal with jerks, an extended lesson in diplomacy and how to set a good example of taking the high road to the younger students.

And that was Summer School Day 1.  I think there was some skills practice in between all the shit slung my way.