The first week of nursing school was pretty low-key.  On the first day, I arrived early for a meeting with the Orientation Club.  I was selected along with several other students to see a small group of incoming students through their first semester of school.  The hope is that if we can form small communities within their larger class we will lose less students to simply dropping out and failing out. My group is great and overly concerned with their grades than whether or not they understand what they’re learning and being able to perform their skills adequately.

Following that we had our first lecture that lasted about 3 hours.  It was so boring I pretty much forgot we even had it.  The lecturer pretty much spent the entire time saying that we didn’t need to write anything down because it was so basic.

The next day was a clinical day on campus where we had a quickie review of scenarios with our lab instructors so they could have a look at us and be confident we knew what we are doing on this level.  The second clinical day was in the hospital and that was confined to orientation and tour of the facility.  In the end my instructor split her group of 10 students into two groups of 5, thereby granting me an accidental favor of putting Miserable Student in the other group with two of her BFFs.  The third BFF is in my group and is having a very hard time without them which I find exceedingly odd since the two of us were together from the first day of school in January as partners.  You have to wonder what sort of bullshit she is being fed and actually believes.

Our last lecture day was also forgettable.  I think most of the lectures this particular nurse will give might be that way.  I want to lose consciousness even thinking about it.