I’m 15 days out from the end of my first year of nursing school.  It can’t happen fast enough.  I am finally enjoying a lovely lab group.  We all get along really well in any combination of teams or groups.  Such a refreshing change from the previous two quarters (and summer school) with a group full of honest to goodness bitches.  I’m so over those chicks I can’t say it enough.  Our class is small enough so there is no way not to have to see them or interact with them.  I wish I could jump ahead to the class in front of us or in moment of insanity, fail back to be with another class.  There is not a single day where I don’t get some sort of hassle from one of them and it’s usually something inconsequential, nagging, and stupid.  I’m on the verge of screaming


and I don’t even think anyone would blink if I did.  I might even get a standing ovation right before I was escorted off campus and out of the program based on the total lack of professionalism that would display.  Instead I dread class days.  Dread checking my email.  Rue the day I became involved in our class and nursing school leadership.  I’m way happy as a mentor and leader by example.  And way more appreciated.  Is the resume entry worth it?

Dammit I am putting a lot of energy into giving a shit about them.  I imagined this blog would be 2 years of nursing school drama and bliss.  Not a retelling of high school cliquery.