I put the toilet seat up today to clean under it and never put it down. I didn’t think twice about thinking twice when I went in to use it and came millimeters away from freezing my arse off in the Front Range water filling the bowl. I caught my balance just in time, but not before I nearly knocked the whole thing off it’s setting. It’s amazing how much lower the seat is when you don’t have it on properly. Had I not been working the old quads on the elliptical the story might have a different ending.

Daughter #1 is still sick and seems to have gotten progressively worse as the day went on. She spent most of the day drifting in and out of sleep. When she was awake she was fascinated at how a cool wash cloth would go warm in a matter of minutes on her hot head. She didn’t ask for any Tylenol so I don’t think her headache is of the same intensity it was last night and she certainly doesn’t have a fever at this point. I hope she does okay during the night and I can’t help but tuck away two stories of kids suddenly dying from illness that didn’t look so bad. Poor kids and families. You just can’t imagine in your wildest dreams living that pain.

Tomorrow is a retreat at our parish for the kids preparing for their First Eucharist. For three hours we will be hanging with Daughter #2’s classmates along with another class and making banners that will hang in the gathering space a/k/a the lobby of the parish. It can be decorated any way the child likes so we went to Hobby Lobby and picked out some light purple ribbing for piping and some needle point floss to fashion a tassle to hang off the banner. She will also put on a pretty embroidery cross that is very spring-y along with some matching butterflies and spell out her name in felt embedded with glitter. It’s way too crafty for anything I am involved with for sure! She’s very excited and I feel horrible for being so focused in on my own exam and school wrap up that I haven’t spent more time with her on this. We’ll have fun together.

My husband called to say hello from Orlando. He visited Epcot Center and Wild Animal Kingdom today. In his usual fashion he declared Disneyworld exactly the same as Disneyland except they made it bigger so you have to walk more.  He dropped a bomb on me that he will not be returning until Monday morning due to late Sunday competitions. I could feel my shoulders shoot into my ears because if I have to go to a labor in the middle of Sunday night that means the in-laws would have to get my kids ready for school and that is asking for trouble. I demanded my agnostic husband pray for prolonged pregnancies and I think he even considered it for about 1 second.

I am now going to begin Operation Relocation and campaign to have my mother-in-law move out here ASAP. She will be a tremendous help. And before my dad gets upset about dragging my poor mother-in-law out here, he should know that she lost her beauty shop in the hotel and is getting booted out April 1st. She has no permanent clientele and nowhere to go since other hotels are not interested in her services, which is basically barber-style and the folks who visit Disneyland are not into it. In the 80’s she rocked and employed aestheticians, hair stylists, nail pros… now not so much. The hotel has moved her twice now and she’s in what literally used to be part of the men’s room. She should’ve renamed her place Can ‘N Cut when they moved her. She is planning a condo-finding mission in April, wants to have her house on the market by summer and be here immediately. I can hardly wait to have the family conflicts begin because my sister-in-law, the one who keeps score, will tally every hour she spends with me, my kids, and every trinket she buys and demand the same in return for her. My life has been missing this sort of excitement. Can I give up idiots for Lent?