I have been tagged by Blog, MD to share what songs I might like to have played at my funeral. He was inspired to start this meme based on James Blunt topping the funeral song charts. We must read the same news feeds because I saw the story too and thought it was pretty creepy.

First, I don’t want to be buried, I want to be cremated so I can go everywhere with my family. I hate to be alone. I’m good with solitude but not so much with being alone. As in dead and alone. Since it’s unlikely my husband will be buying me any jewels any time soon, I might demand in my will that I be turned into a gem. That way I can become the family jewels and can be handed down (maybe by the fourth generation the piece that it’s me would be forgotten). The idea comes from a dear midwife we recently lost. I think this is a hoot of an idea (as did she who thought of it)! Second, I hope at my wake (I’m Irish) everyone will be inspired to have a good time and drink lots of Hefeweizen (I know that’s German, but I am not a Guiness fan). Third, I hope the following songs from that list are NOT played:

  1. Wind Beneath My Wings (This is simply a depressing song)
  2. Candle in the Wind (I’m so not in the same league as Diana or Marilyn)
  3. Every Breath You Take (isn’t it a little creepy that I might be humming from beyond every step you take, I’ll be watching you?)
  4. Unchained Melody (the movie Ghost sort of changed what you think of with that song, don’t it?)
  5. I’ve Had the Time of my Life, Jennifer Warnes and Bill Medley (because I think it’s weird too)

I always thought that Seasons in the Sun was the perfect funeral song, but since I am not Michelle, that might just make people think I was a little over the edge when I went. So I think before you tip back a few honey wheats I want you to shed a few tears of dear old me:

  1. Angel, Sarah McLachlan
  2. Canon in D, Pachelbel (my wedding song and the song I fell asleep to when pregnant and while in labor with all of the babies)

Then I want you to rock out:

  1. This is Us, Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris (a nice little snapshot of a happily married couple and their lives together)
  2. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life), Green Day (because it’s nicer than it sounds)
  3. Someday (We’ll be Together), The Supremes (because we might be, right? and I hate being alone)

Now I’m supposed to tag five people: At Your Cervix, The Daily Carmer (because I KNOW she’s got some songs ready to go), The Sighs of My Life, RedSpiral, Midwiffleseed (I know she’s a midwife, but she is really a musical kind of gal from reading her blog).

If you’re reading and I haven’t tagged you, leave your list in the comments section. This is interesting (but weird)… fun?