It will be really hard for me to come up with a minimum of one post per day for the month of November. I never have anything to say. Never. Ever. So if you found me through some NaBloPoMo link or blog randomizer, hola!

In this first in a series of 30 posts I will share that I am now hooked on Grey’s Anatomy, but fall asleep before the episode is over. I started watching it to figure out what a McDreamy was (I read blogs and celeb gossip but don’t have a television to know what is going on). It’s Patrick Dempsey, who doesn’t really qualify in my world as dreamy at all. Watching the show is fun because I get to figure out what in tarnation they are talking about and how, if, it fits in to what I am currently learning in A&P.

I will also share that I have a minor cold which is causing me to sneeze in clusters of five or six so I bailed on my afternoon English Comp class. My daughters have this same cold, only one of them is going deaf. Allegedly. I am calling it a stuffy head but she doesn’t believe me. My mom, who is visiting, thinks I am evil for not dosing the kids up on medicine and believes I enjoy making them cough until hoarse and listening to them whine. That is, until she witnessed what happens when I try to give them medicine from herbs to OTC type stuff. They refuse. They cry, they twitch, stiffen, stick their fingers in their ears scratching for extra emphasis to prove just how much they need the medicine (but won’t take it), and whine some more. It is less traumatic for me to listen to the coughing until hoarse without the other stuff. They’ll get better. Unless of course it turns into menigococcemia and then we’re screwed.

Finally I will share how good the Chipotle barbacoa bowl with quesadilla was that I just ate. I tried very hard not to notice the perimysium holding the muscle together. On Monday I visited with our cadaver who was on display to show me his muscle. Then I went home for lunch and my husband had made a roasted turkey breast with liquid adipose tissue, er gravy. Looked just like my cadaver. A&P is ruining my appetite, yet I still manage to eat. But I really hate picking the perimysium out of my teeth.