I have another Eng Comp paper to write and I picked homeopathy as my subject. I picked it because I was sure I wouldn’t find much on it, thus creating a nice little 1200 word paper. This subject is immensely frustrating because I believe it (yikes, I’m a quack!) and because I don’t believe it (yikes, I’m mainstream!). I don’t get how it works after reading a billion articles and I don’t get how it doesn’t work after reading a billion articles. How can placebos work most of the time on me and my clients?

A lot of the time I use homeopathic remedies in pregnancy, I explain their use and dole ‘em out. They work. Then in labor I might use a remedy but not explain the use… because what if it is the remedy for “lady freaking out with fright” and I don’t necessarily think that the lady freaking out with fright needs to know I am making that judgement (but I always, always tell her after what she responded to). So I give her the remedy and the fright diminishes. Why did that happen? What about the lady who has vaginal varicosities and I give her the anti-varicosity remedy. Do her veins know what I am doing and get back to the business of proper circulation? How about Arnica? How did my son ellicit an “OH MY GOSH!” out of his mousy neurosurgeon for avoiding a superswollen face following a craniotomy thanks to Arnica? My son didn’t know to turn that on for the benefit of the rounding docs.

What gives? Anyone have anything to say about it? I know it’s controversial, but I also know that traditional docs sneak it in now and then on the down-low.

Frustrated. Love,