My husband husband left with my mom this morning after a week long visit to return to the Land of Milk and Honey. My friend said when he left that I could be up for some interesting emotions and feelings. The first month (January) was horrible sadness and being in survival mode. February was a stressful blur thanks to a ton of school tests and three babies born. March was so smooth I hardly even remember it happening! The weird thing was having him home! Ha! I have known my friend for TEN years online and we met once when I had only three babies and she only had five, so I’ve read about how she gets into gear whenever her husband was deployed and dealt with it. I couldn’t fathom her complaints about fitting him back into the routine when he returned. Now I know. You get used to doing things a certain way because a) you have to and b) there is no one else to help and c) there is no one else to refer to for scheduling/logistics strategies. I love and hate the “visits” we have because they are so brief they are hard to really connect 100% with all of us.

While he was home he got our master bathroom remodeled. For the last two years (at least) we’ve had only the subfloor exposed with lovely woven mats from WalMart for our floor. We had to rip out the vanity and sink back when we discovered the drain pipe wasn’t actually connected and was just leaking into the cabinet for an unknown length of time. The room smelled like rotten wood so it had to go. We put in a pedestal sink then as a fix and moved on to other things (as you will no doubt read again in future remodeling stories). With our complete move looming in just two months this had to get done. He ripped out the shower enclosure (plastic) leaving the nice corian type rock pan in the bottom. Sanded the texture-from-hell from the walls and refinished them. Installed porcelain tile in a sand color on the floor and shower stall. Then he left…

Today I grouted all of the floor and shower tiles. Grouting the ceiling and corners is quite tricky. And not much fun. I worked on that a LONG time. Long time. To recap, A LONG TIME. Keeping it from falling out of the ceiling cracks onto your face takes a certain expertise. And takes a LONG time. Gah. A long fargin’ time. I hope I’ve made that clear. I also sanded the walls a second time following the second mudding. They are smooth as silk and ready for paint. I also jumped the gun and sealed the tile. BEFORE reading that I had to let the grout cure for 3 days. Let’s just say I’m going to really moan if I have to grout all over again because of this. I think I may have mentioned how long it took me to do this first step. If that works out fine all I will need to do is install the shower head and water-turner-onner-handle-thingy. Caulk around toilet and sink. Paint walls. Install new lighting. Hang mirror. (No shower door, must custom order at another time; use curtain for now)

Oh and there is a lab practical in A&P in the morning. Pray for me, the horrid Catholic who forgot today was PALM SUNDAY, since I missed the super duper lab tutorial yesterday on account of above project that my husband insisted I help with (happy to help, not so happy to fail test). I could study at home, but I don’t have a dead pig laying around (brother-in-law was busy today) to review. The slides are easy: the white blood cells and an intercalated disk. Some questions about respiratory and cardiac systems (lab is behind lecture for some maddening reason). I’ll get through it. No other choice.

Frectis. OUT.