Wow, that was amazing. My kids made it through the service without spontaneously combusting. Things that broke up the time:

  • Music. Lots of it.
  • Candles to wave around while one of the songs lasted like 10 minutes.
  • More music.
  • Many trips to the bathroom and/or drinking fountain.
  • Scanning the crowd to pick out people we knew from gymnastics and school.
  • Short naps
  • Making paper airplanes from the programs.
  • Asking a question every 2 minutes about what was next and missing the thing that was next during the question period.
  • Baptisms, complete with the priest falling into the giant font and nearly drowning the candidate.
  • More music.

It was nice and fairly peaceful. Hardly crowded, which surprised me since usually the candlelight services are popular and we’re smashed in like sardines. But it’s pretty darn cold outside so I think most will come tomorrow to any one of the zillion Masses scheduled.

My mother-in-law bought us all the fixings for an Easter dinner and my job is to cook it all. Thiis is both sweet of her to do and also a bummer. Since we’ve been here on the Front Range we’ve spent every holiday with the Others (in-laws) and a cousin and his family. They prepare way too much food and desserts and have way too much beer and other exotic drinks of the moment. Last Easter the cousin’s wife was on a mojito kick. Needless to say I don’t remember much after the ham because she started drinking when she cooked and by the time I arrived and had my first one I had no idea they weren’t always that strong. She brought me up to speed in no time. I’m sad to have declined the invitation but I just can’t risk being there and faking it that I am happy to be around the Others (their new name).

Right after I’m done being bitter with the Others I will concentrate on forgiveness and hope if I’ve pissed you off you will consider forgiving me. To all who celebrate it, have a happy Easter. And remember, Jesus died on the cross so we could all enjoy chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chickens. Eddie Izzard said so. Speaking of him, off to watch The Riches.