I had a nice evening out with my husband after we dropped our kids off with his mom. We went to dinner and to see Cloverfield. We liked it and thought it would’ve been better if they hadn’t ever shown the monster or alien thing. It would’ve been better to see them running terrified through the streets, never knowing what it was they were running from.

This morning we went to breakfast and strolling through the mall making a mental wish list of all the things we will buy from Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, Z Gallerie, and Restoration Hardware once we are rich. In the meantime we spent a $35 gift card at Pottery Barn. I earned the gift card for being a good citizen with their customer service department after packages were suddenly appearing for a woman who didn’t live at my address. They found the right person and notified the sender and rewarded me for being honest. For the record, there is not much you can buy for $35 at Pottery Barn but we managed to find some scented oils for the house.

Afterward we went to pick up the kids and celebrate his mother’s birthday a week late. She is always clingy, touchy-feely, and whiny but was more so today because my brother-in-law, we learned earlier, had called her at 7:00am to announce this about his wife:

If I have to live with her another 20 years I may as well shoot myself.

FedEx promised to have the bullets I sent by 8:00 in the morning.