I can’t believe I just did this.  I have never taken an online class before so I’m a little nervous about screwing it up.  I planned to ace Developmental Psychology since there are no assignments in this class.  Just read and take tests.  Seems easy enough.  We were even given a syllabus quiz to warm us up to the process of pulling up a test, taking it, and submitting it.  For fun we are allowed to take it over and over until we get 100% correct.  So I took it the first time and figured out where my bugs in pressing the “save” button before going on.  I viewed the answers and saw I had 72% and since I wrote down what I clicked I know I had the answers right.  I wanted to repeat it for practice but I had to wait a certain amount of time before retaking it.

I went to the bathroom.  Washed my face.  Played with my hair and see I can put it in a sloppy ponytail again.  Good, since I have to wear it up for microbiology.  I changed my clothes, checked some email.  Sipped on a Frappucino.  Exited my mail program, restarted my session in the classroom area.  And clicked the button to start again.

I stared at the question before me and realized that instead I had started the first Chapter Test.  Oh my GOD.  There is no exiting as an “oops!”.  You have to move forward.  So I ended up taking a 60 question test and I am sure I sucked it all to Hell.  I had 60 minutes to finish it and there was only one minute per question planned by the teacher.  In other words, NO TIME TO LOOK IT UP.  I had my book open and trying to do it (there is no prohibition on using the book, it just slows you down).  The only small blessing is I had taken Psych 1 last Spring and have an introduction to the ideas, listened to her lecture on the chapter three times, but hadn’t even cracked the book to freshen up.  I had until Saturday night to take the test and it was on my agenda to read tonight and take it Friday!

What is my freaking problem with anything lately?   Am I totally doomed?  I can’t even guess what my score was.  A C if God loves me even slightly.  Working at IKEA is looking better and better all the time.