My poor sisters (who share a condo) drove up to meet my family at Mother Mary Mom’s yesterday for the Easter feast (which was quite lovely and lively).  While we were being all Eastery and festive, the pipe in their upstairs bathroom decided to get its bad self on and bust (sometime after 12:30pm).  Of course this means that for hours and hours the water rushed through the two-story condo, until they returned at about 10pm.  By the description and the text messaged picture, it looks like it burst 4.2 seconds after they walked out the door.  A plumber had to pop holes in the ceiling to drain the water.  The carpet is pulled throughout.  Ugh.  It’s horrible.  After I take my essay psych exam I will head up to help pack them up to move in temporarily to our dad’s house.

So, all woo-woo, prayers, happy thoughts, candles lit, voodoos poked in all the right Pipe God places, tin foils hats off, and direct them toward that nice little condo over yonder.  Thank you.  They all need this like another hole in their collective heads.