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Guest comment from “K”, regarding this oft-misunderstood and anger-inspiring post, “Surprise!“:

You really need to take this down or edit it. As many have said, this comes up right away when you google positive pregnancy tests. I knew it was negative right away but my sister didn’t and freaked out. You really expect people to read your entire (and might I add idiotic) blog post to find out if this is real or not?! Why would they do that? They aren’t searching for blog posts to read, they’re searching for info. Plus no one would expect it to be a joke, why on earth would they? Do you google for a quick answer on something and then say, Wait I better read the entire attatched article first, you know , just to make sure it’s not a joke. Because we all know how common that is. And all you have to say is “Well you should have read the directions.” You CLEARLY didn’t though! At least the people wondering are mostly teen girls, you’re a full grown woman and still got it wrong. And also, keep you’re bullshit puritan advice about ‘waiting till you’re older and married’ to yourself. That’s none of your business at the least and really self righteous and ignorant at the worst. The truth is, you keep this up because no one would visit your pathetic little blog otherwise and I can almost guarantee you this is your most read post, due soley to people who LOST directions (otherwise wouldn’t that be the FIRST place they would look for answers?!?! DUH!) or never had them in the first place, as one girl mentioned, so they had to google images. One last thing, don’t quit your day job (if you have one). Your writing sucks and on top of that you refuse to change something that has caused people problems (which you of all people SHOULD understand, that is, a false positve) for the selfish reason of wanting a few more strangers to read about your boring little life. p.s. I am glad you were not pregnant, because anyone as dumb and selfish as this doesn’t need any more. Plus, your oldest one sounds like an annoying little brat.

Jesus, you are the most awesome dumbfuck to visit my blog in ages.  THANK YOU!!


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It never ceases to amaze me how people take a pregnancy test and instead of reading the directions, they come here and read this almost four year old post called Surprise!, then freak out because I am giving “bad advice” and tricked them into thinking they were pregnant.  If my post is among the first ones you see when you google info on how to read a pregnancy test that tells me there are a lot of idiots out there who aren’t practicing safe sex and relying on a GOOFY tongue-in-cheek blog for medical advice.  Sounds like a good idea, yes?  Um, no.

Officially I will not be editing the post to make you feel smarter than stupid (like I felt when I took my test and read the results wrong).  And I will recommend you leave a simple pee-on-the-stick test to the professionals at Planned Parenthood.


15 days

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I’m 15 days out from the end of my first year of nursing school.  It can’t happen fast enough.  I am finally enjoying a lovely lab group.  We all get along really well in any combination of teams or groups.  Such a refreshing change from the previous two quarters (and summer school) with a group full of honest to goodness bitches.  I’m so over those chicks I can’t say it enough.  Our class is small enough so there is no way not to have to see them or interact with them.  I wish I could jump ahead to the class in front of us or in moment of insanity, fail back to be with another class.  There is not a single day where I don’t get some sort of hassle from one of them and it’s usually something inconsequential, nagging, and stupid.  I’m on the verge of screaming


and I don’t even think anyone would blink if I did.  I might even get a standing ovation right before I was escorted off campus and out of the program based on the total lack of professionalism that would display.  Instead I dread class days.  Dread checking my email.  Rue the day I became involved in our class and nursing school leadership.  I’m way happy as a mentor and leader by example.  And way more appreciated.  Is the resume entry worth it?

Dammit I am putting a lot of energy into giving a shit about them.  I imagined this blog would be 2 years of nursing school drama and bliss.  Not a retelling of high school cliquery.