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So my husband is building a webpage and decided to use an editor for it.  Me.  I’m the editor.  Don’t let it go unnoticed that I have not won any awards from W3.org from my exceptional use of … well, any thing one uses when creating websites.  Good luck sweetie.  I’m sure you’ll get lots of hits.  Heh.

July 7, 2005

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Easier than Riding a Bike

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C, my four and half year old, is teaching herself how to ride a two-wheeler. We’re not allowed to help her because that will only piss her off. I can’t imagine who comes to mind with that statement.

Watching her reminds me of when I was about eight and my little sisters were about the same age as C and we were teaching F how to ride her bike. Teaching her consisted of balancing her on this bright pastel blue two-wheeler with daisies on the tractor seat, then sprinting behind her to push her off at a good clip, then dashing back to our prime seats in front of our garage just to see where she ended up. She’d crash into the neighbors’ garages, bushes, and parking spot concretStope barriers. The best crash of all was when she crashed into the stop sign at the end of the alley. Oh how we howled and wished she’d do it again and again. When you’re eight, this is the highlight of summer.