A Beautiful Me. In No Time.

9 Jul 2005 Filed in: Blather.

Actually it only took 10 minutes, unlike the claim of “no time” and $7.59 to undo about $250 worth of salon-quality partial highlights to get to an all over head colored in Revlon’s High Dimension Red Hot Browns:  Copper Sparks.  I HAD to do something with the roots since my inch of growth spattered with gray hair was starting to attract horrified looks.  You can spot hair stylists easily in the mall when they look at you like that.   Since I’m on an intern’s salary (interns get paid $0 on average), I can no longer hop in the chair every 12 weeks (yes, I’m fully aware this is why I have roots an inch thick).  It turned out nice so now it’s only a matter of  time until Revlon comes banging down my door begging for me to pose with Susan Sarandon and Julianne Moore.Hair

Penny for My Dream

8 Jul 2005 Filed in: Unbelievable.

How it came to be that I am writing a blog is thanks to Penny. She reads Dooce.com faithfully and shared it with our e-pal gang after one of Tom Cruise’s lectures on Brooke Shields. I LOVE Dooce.com and immediately became obsessed with starting my own blog.

So after reading about 4.5 years worth of entries in an evening on Dooce.com, I went to sleep. My dreams were fitful. Every dream involved the hunt for the perfect graphic and catchy saying to put up on my blog as a masthead to capture all the moments of the budding romance Brad and I have (think of us a rational TomKat). He couldn’t agree on anything except to lay around naked covered in just a sheet, which inspired my blog, “commando.com”* with a black and white artsy photo of a nice looking ass. Between that and picking out our loft decor, I don’t know how we, um, I got any sleep last night.

*Commando.com is not a domain registry of Frectis or Plan B.

Frectis: It’s Not Just for Dinner.

8 Jul 2005 Filed in: Kids.

Why Frectis?  It came to my son that brunch wasn’t quite descriptive enough for the meal he wanted between breakfast and lunch.  Since he couldn’t rename brunch and since he has a short attention span and since there’s no such thing as “linner” or “dunch”, he obviously had to come up with a reasonable word.  Frectis.  Makes perfect sense.  Frectis is the perfect word for limbo– without the GOING TO HELL connotation.  Frectis as it turns out  is where I spend a lot of time in between worlds, projects, goals, and of course meals.