Good Lord in Heaven. Hopping on the blogger’s bandwagon is about as easy as walking a straight line with an apple balanced on my nose at a sobriety checkpoint. How I know the latter is at all difficult is My Business. I had planned my first post to be something clever about how it all came to be that I would be baring all with the world, but instead I’m crabby for having worked on this one message for the last four hours. What with all the skins and hacks and settings and photo sites to choose from. Course then you have to decide whether or not you want a free blog or you want to pay for it. I decided the free one was too hard and by paying for this one I get more options and I don’t have to know what the hell I’m doing. Thankfully I ran into two friends who blog back and forth to each other and they taught me a lot by osmosis.

Back when I was going to be doing Something Else with my life, I used to keep a pregnancy diary online to document the happenings with my
relatives and friends who didn’t live nearby. Who knew I was keeping a blog. I wish I’d kept it up. I might’ve been Something Else by now.