No, really… you know what sucks?

14 Jul 2010 Filed in: Gripe, Nursing School.

When your long anticipated wait for your Fall clinical schedule ends and you find out the ONLY student you never want to see again is assigned to the same group.


I can only hope she throws another one of her fits and demands to be moved. I will be my normal grateful and happy student self so the real jackwagon is obvious. She is never grateful or happy so if she plays it, the fake will be obvious.

The good news is I’m at a nice hospital, slightly closer to home, and have one of the toughest (read: GOOD) instructors in the program. I anticipate the herd will be thinned this term, I just hope I am not in that bunch! I will do all I can to help myself and my classmates. Teamwork is important, I just hope the rest of the group gets it.


7 Jul 2010 Filed in: Gripe, Nursing School.

You know, at least the miserable student lets me know where I stand by throwing a fit in front of everyone if we’re assigned the same group. Not so for fellow students. Yesterday they reacted in sympathy to the miserable student for having to spend all of an hour with me, yet today they are chatty and helpful as can be with me. On Facebook.

Seriously, if you can’t be cool to me in person in front of your miserable friend, don’t fake it with me in cyberspace. It’s lame and makes you look like assholes who can’t think for yourselves or that you like being led around by the nose by an insecure, miserable person.

This is school and we’re training to be PROFESSIONALS, not taking an advanced clique training camp. Get with the program, get mature, and think for yourself. Someday YOU will have a license to provide care that may save someone’s life. Guess what? I ALREADY HAVE ONE. Time to play catch up, not games.

You know what sucks?

6 Jul 2010 Filed in: Gripe, Nursing School.

Finally finding yourself in the program that will help get you to your final goal only to have to share the experience with a person so hateful it sucks any pleasure you might have in it.

I’ve dealt with abrasive people in my life, but who hasn’t?  What I’ve never dealt with is a person who goes out of his or her way to be abrasive.  As in every move is the result of masterful calculation of passive-aggression.  Audible sighs.  Eye rolls.  Arm flapping.  Stomping.  All from a 40-something student who will be entrusted with the health care of your loved ones in just 1.5 short years.

I’m at a loss for why I’m the recipient of this person’s animosity.  It doesn’t really matter though because I’m in this class and won’t be quitting no matter how much a dick this person chooses to be toward me.  What I get is experience on how to deal with jerks, an extended lesson in diplomacy and how to set a good example of taking the high road to the younger students.

And that was Summer School Day 1.  I think there was some skills practice in between all the shit slung my way.